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Getting Started

1. Installation

./configure --prefix="your installation dir" CC="your mpicc"
make install
mpicc -o test test.c -lcasper

Or you can compile the program without Casper, but set LD_PRELOAD to dynamically load Casper at execution (see execution command below). Casper will be loaded before the MPI library, thus it can intercept all MPI calls.

mpicc -o test test.c
export LD_PRELOAD="Your Casper installation dir"/lib/

3. Execution

You can set the number of ghost processes per node through the environment variable CSP_NG. It is set to 1 by default.

[Example 1] Running on 2 nodes, 2 ghost processes and 6 user processes on each node.

export CSP_NG=2
mpiexec -np 16 -ppn 8 ./test

[Example 2] Running on 4 nodes, 4 ghost processes and 20 user processes on each node.

export CSP_NG=4
mpiexec -np 96 -ppn 24 ./test